Lockdown Dairies

A special video collage to have worked on for Rife Magazine


We asked young people to keep a video diary during lockdown to see how they were adapting, what they were doing to stay busy, what they missed and how they were feeling about the world we live in.


The responses completely blew us away, not just in terms of quality, but the sheer range of material that embodied a unique period of time. It showed, despite the difficulties we all faced in recent months, that something creative and positive can come forth and this collaborative film embodies that idea. 

Role: Video Editor, Sound Design & Music Composer.

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MeshWorks Power Lunch

Meshworks is the product of the Creative Workforce For The future programme designed to make the creative & cultural sector more representative.

For this panel discussion I spoke with Lowie Trevena the Production, Lifestyle and LGBTQ+ Editor at B24/7 and Thomas Frost the Director and co-founder of Crack Magazine. The aim was to find out more about their recruitment processes for emerging creatives that find getting a foot in the door difficult. The series was aimed at emerging creatives and was broadcasted with a live Q&A. 


Read more about Meshworks and the Power Lunch series here


Isolation, loneliness and anxiety. A short film by MeeMee Sharry exploring the negative side effects that social media can have on our mental health. 

For this project, I worked in the sound department on set as a boom operator and during post-production as a dubbing mixer assistant at The Sound Town


Channel 4 Random Acts

holes in their souls

Directed by Andrew Smith

a short film about the bizarre, but true story of the 'Southport sockmen' - 2 men who swindled hundreds of people out of their socks.

My role as a sound editor was to record location ambient sound and foley before editing & sequencing in post-production. 

IMDB Credits

More info on the true urban myth.